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          Interested in starting your own college SAFE scheme? Click here to find out more. 


Cambridge University Sub-Saharan African Fund for Education

Based in Cambridge, CUSAFE is a non-for-profit organisation that has been dedicated to improving standards of education in Sub-Saharan Africa since the 1980s. 


Independent SAFE schemes, which exist in various colleges, work tirelessly to fundraise throughout the year. CUSAFE then acts acts as a facilitator, linking these SAFE schemes to charities with education projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, ensuring that the money raised goes to a worthwhile causes. 


CUSAFE also acts as a source of support to college SAFE schemes, providing help with matters ranging from recruitment to charity selection. We are also at hand to help those colleges without a SAFE scheme start one. 


CUSAFE is a rapidly growing organisaton who are constantly looking for new members. Whether it be working as part of the CUSAFE team, or heading up your own SAFE scheme within your college, see how you can Get Involved. For charities looking for funding, ensure to complete our Charity Registration to hear from us when the funding application opens. 


We look forward to hearing from you!

How it works:

College SAFE schemes raise money.


They all do this in different ways. Some use an opt-out system where a charity donation is added to each student's bills, others put on fundraisers. 

Charities apply to us.


We have a centralised system and charities register with us and apply for funding for projects on an annual basis. Each charity may put forward more than one project. 

College SAFEs review applications.


The college SAFE schemes then look at all the applications and decide which projects to fund. 




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